Chox - Chocoholics only


Lurisia is a pure mountain water spring with low sodium levels and a constant residue.

Agrimontana selects only the best fruit to be processed with master skill and the latest technology in order to preserve the aromas.

The perpetual perfection of the Illy pure Arabica blend guarantees the absolute pleasure of excellent, velvet and sweet coffee due to fine grinding and calibration.

Domori inspects precisely the entire processing, starting from the cocoa plantation up to chocolate tasting, regarding all ingredients and their purity.

All Mate's hand picked olives grow at the Istrian seaside and are pressed at their own oil mill.

Only Dammann Frères knows where to find the best tea leafs, gems and sprouts to dry and blend with flowers and herbs.

Chox’s ingredients:

Love for chocolate

Il Cocoa is a unique spice, with a rich history and a complex aroma, which never fails to offer enchanting feelings and moments of authentic pleasure.

Excellent, natural raw ingredients

Chox uses only fine chocolate, aromatic and free from bitterness or acidity, of a brown colour with copper shades.

Chox uses Domori chocolate and matches it with equally great ingredients.


Chox offers a whole new experience of pure chocolate, thanks to a soft cream that highlights the taste of the chocolate, but without a sticky textures or overwhelming flavours.

Chox is a fresh product, without preservatives. Cold temperatures and airtight packaging guarantee an always-impeccable taste.


Chox uses excellent raw ingredients, simple techniques and doesn’t use fillings or decorations: our philosophy is based on excellence and the absence of any frills, which has also a positive effect on the cost of the products to our clients.

Chox is pure cream chocolate. We don’t add butter, nor cream, hydrogenated fats, thickeners, flavours, or the ubiquitous palm oil.

Chox discovered a new way of savouring fine chocolate and its aromas, avoiding complicated processes and preparations. Our secret is water, our formulation is characterised by innovation.


Chox products respect the environment and do not exploit farmers around the world; moreover, our packaging is 100% recyclable.


Chox’s list of ingredients is surprisingly short and always clearly visible, so our clients can see immediately what’s in the chocolate they are buying and enjoying.


Chox is good for the heart, in two ways:

  • it offers plenty of feel-good moments and
  • its cocoa content helps to reduce the risk of heart conditions.

Chox contains cocoa butter and does not have any added fats, so the cholesterol levels stay low – unlike what happens with chocolate that contain palm oil.